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Zippee Easter Family Toolkit - Ages 2-5

Zippee Easter Family Toolkit - Ages 2-5

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Help your kids explore the stories of Easter with our easy-to-use, fun, menu-style resource.

This digital download Easter toolkit includes 7 stories in all:

  • The Triumphal Entry
  • Jesus Washes his Disciples’ Feet
  • The Last Supper
  • Good Friday
  • Resurrection Sunday
  • Emmaus and the Upper Room
  • Breakfast on the Beach

For each story we offer a menu of options including:

  • Explore the Story: an age-accessible paraphrase of each story.
  • A memorable Story Poem to learn together.
  • Ideas for responding to God and the story through art, movement, or play.

This is the Family Toolkit for younger kids (~ages 2-5). Bundle the Family Toolkit for older kids (~6-10) for just $5 more.

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